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East London

Football Team

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East End Badoes

Lead Guitar

North London

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West Ham United

Previous / Current Bands Retaliator, TMF
Guitar Tim

East London

Football Team
West Ham United

Previous / Current Bands Sterilizers, Debt Collectors

Bass Guitar


Football Team
West Ham United

Previous / Current Bands Retaliator


East London

Football Team
Closet Hammer!

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Drink Fuelled Violence, Underclass, Loudmouth Eddi and Last Orders
History of the Band

The London Diehards were formed in late 2008 by Ciaran and Steve who were playing guitar for Retaliator at the time. When Retaliator split in January 2009, both of them had been working on a number of songs for Retaliator so they decided to use them songs as the nucleus for the London Diehards. Tel from the East End Badoes was the first member to be press ganged into the band on vocal duties after a chance meeting in a West End pub before a Cockney Rejects gig. Next to join was Cherry who was playing at the time with Code One. He was asked to join after a chance meeting in a North London pub. Next on bass was recruited the nutty Jock, Anne-Marie who got the job after auditioning for an add that was placed (in fact, she was the only one that turned up so she got the job).

The first line-up was:

Tel - Vocals
Ciaran - Guitar
Steve - Guitar
Anne-Marie - Bass Guitar
Cherry - Drums

This line-up rehearsed for two months solid with the songs that Ciaran and Steve had written and did their first gig in April 2009 in Belgium. Many more gigs followed after that, until Anne-Marie decided to leave London and move up North. Why - we will never know ! Cherry's mate Jamie was then asked to play guitar while Steve took over his current role as bass player. This line-up rehearsed solidly and did many gigs, both in the UK and in Europe. They also recorded their first album "Looking For Trouble Volume 1" a split album with TMF which was released on Motherfucking Sounds.

The response from this album was huge but not without controversy as the band were accused of all sorts, from being Nazis, Satanists, Train-spotters and Tyrants. Gigs around London were cancelled by promoters, people whom the band considered mates dropped them like a hot brick, bands started to dis--associate themselves from The London Diehards and the band became public enemy number one. Anyone would have thought they were baby killers or something!

Around mid-2010 Cherry and Jamie decided to call it a day and form their own band "The Uppercuts" who are still gigging in and around London today. After a brief period of absence they came back to play one gig in Belgium with the band but again decided to call it a day as the accusations and rumours about the band intensified.

The London Diehards then asked sticks-man Steve from Insane Society to join the band but this line-up was short-lived and after a lay-off of a few months the band drafted in Tim from The Sterilizers on guitar and Quinn from Loudmouth Eddi on drums.

This is the current line-up:
Tel - Vocals
Ciaran - Lead Guitar
Tim - Rhythm Guitar
Steve - Bass Guitar
Quinn - Drums

The London Diehards continue to play and record and their songs range from everything on politics, injustice to the working class, football, drinking, fighting and everyday life. Never ones to compromise on their beliefs, the band say what many bands are too scared to or are too worried about what their record company or other people might think or say about them. Fuck that. We'd rather jack it all in than be someone's slave like that. This stance has led to the totally false accusations and rumours about the band being this or the band being that. The truth of the matter is that the band are neither left-wing or right-wing but take the common sense approach to everything by weighing up the situation and making up their own minds rather than being influenced by any fucked-up political doctrines. We answer to no-one and won't change, compromise or play under any political banners in order to get gigs or appear with other bands. If bands don't want to share a stage with us then good because the chances are we wouldn't want to share a stage with you either.

We in the band all have our own views on politics but don't feel the need to make money for any so-called political crusaders. Some will call us fence-sitters for doing this; yep thats right, we're sitting on the fence laughing at all you mugs who think everything in life is black and white. If you're a fan of the music then more power to you. If you don't like it then you know what you can do!

The London Diehards 2011
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